Escape against substance

We all must go each day for a goal we must mold
 then must go for the best solution told
I am so lost without my compass
I need to hear the sound of trumpets
To lead me and guide me on my unknown path
don’t want to feel the blistering of a wrath
Lead me away from all that is adverse
give me the good so that it can be disbursed
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DSC00163This is my dear dad at his finest hour

just having fun from his control tower

He is my hero and gave me wings

With him behind me

I could do all things

Miss you Dad with all my being

knowing your better is my freeing

I will never dress like Freda Frump

and never be a big old lump

I won’t act like a dat-un-duh

Cuz I am not from Canada

Miss your humor and your banana nose

to you I will give a loving rose

You gave me wings and I can fly

I forgive you for all things

now I must cry

pics 119

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At Peace

cosmic_light_11__skyscape__celestial_abstract_oil__abstract_art__abstract__493b93ce4559ab708c1bca7a72fe75d5My heart mourns for my father so dear

I know his soul is alive and near

even though my heart breaks

his load is lighter and his soul awakes

to the sound of love and angels

the Parkinson has stop and he is stable

My dear sweet dad i know you are at peace

All the bad has been released





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Not Good bye but see you soon

 Lost my dear sweet dad- hero and favorite star

He made us all what we will be and are

My love for you will never end

for the first time i won’t pretend

You made me what i am today

things will never be okay

for without your presence my days are lost

i know you had to put down that heavy cross

when my time comes i will see you soon

keep the coffee fresh and your happy tune

for you are my dad and my only true love

for now i am a mourning female dove

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Here I am on the brink

knowing I just must think

of how and when I will be effected again

It will be if and when I can find my way

to the right men

I will never give up my search’

Because I will find my new pearch

I never end up in the same place twice

Will have to give the roll and chance to the dice

The Lady of luck is on my side

and I am just along for the ride@

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My little flower run away

Even if I long for you to stay


My thoughts are evil and will not bode well

I do not want you to buy what I sell

I will give you till three to run

Then my trigger will go off on the gun

Please my dear do not stay in my sight

Take heed and give a chance to the flight

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I was once young and not so wise

I thought my youth would be my demise

Then I got some lines in my face

Then life I began to embrace

I made mistakes along the way

So many times I was betrayed

I just got up and got back on the horse

I tried not to feel that old feeling of remorese

Just want to make peace with all I meet

I know that life is a 2 way street

I will smile even if it hurts

Just want to get my just desserts!


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