Good bye reprise

I never gave you the credit you deserved

You are powerful, full of evil and nerve.

You show up at my weakest moment

You are a very cunning opponent

You are the lowest kind of entity

You want to take away my identity

Showing up in my time of grief

Stealing my sobriety like a thief

You come and go as you please

You horrible destructive disease

I am in a battle for my life and sanity

You are corrupt and full profanity

The monkey on my back for way to long

You sneak in my head, and then you change my song

From a happy loving positive tune

Making me sing like a stumbling buffoon

You know that keeps my loved ones away

With an unkindly smirk you tell me I’ll stay

I can help you sleep at night

I can take away your fright

Sooth your feelings of being sad

Make you feel happy when you are mad

I will always be with you in thick and thin

It’s my turn now to knock off that grin

You may be strong and love to fight

But the love of God shines oh so bright

I am keeping His love in my heart and soul

Keeping you away is my ultimate goal

Prayer is something that you hate

I pray your presence will deflate

Into a slimy ball of mush

A black ooze of icky slush

I’m taking you in my hands

Throwing you to the under lands

Eternally to the hot abyss

You will melt with a hiss

I never want you to come back

If you do I will attack

I will use love and prayer and God

He knows you are a deadly fraud

I want my life more than you

No more of my spirit will you accrue

For peace and love do I long

That will be my swan song

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Ode to Mr. Bowie

Most of us were so shocked by this artists death.  I think it is because of the characters he created. They all were bigger than life its self! His art was so complete. He was into every aspect of his audiences senses.  The sight sound and soul.  He was the perfect artist in every way.

I was introduced to Bowie as a young girl of 13. Listening to Ziggy, the perfect character to get my parents pissed at me. I got to see him in 72 at the beginning of his career in America in Cleveland at Public Hall. I jump out of my bedroom window to get a ride and go to one of my very first concerts.

He is and will be alive through the characters he created. He moved so many of us in so many different ways.  He broke boundaries and limits.

David Jones is gone but the characters he created will live on forever And in that he achieved immortality!

Tis a pity you died on a Sunday….Where the fuck did Monday go?

Knowledge comes with deaths release……






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i try to keep my chin up as high as i can
its seems as though no matter what you change the plan
what was i thinking when i was believing lies
you have had enough chances so it seems i am not wise
my positive attitude keeps on keeping
so I will get on with the weeping
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Cats Of Ulthar

Black eyes of an ocelot raging fire
A glowing aura of burning desire
Retracting tentacles razor sharp
Lacerating sounds of broken harps
Lashing out with jagged tears
Bleeding lovers caught in snares
Nocturnal creeping with a dancing prowl
Predators inscribing domain with a scowl
Expletive groans the pouncing flight
Frolicking cavort of the felines delight
The fringy quill of black hair on end
Longing of the appetite does transcend
Lustful cravings and quenching thirsts
Satisfying passions slowly dispersed
The pulse of movement in metered time
Cunning wildcat so beautifully sublime
Departing his territory smugly appeased
Smiling with libido his rapture is seized
A cock crow the breaking of dawn
His spirit and vigor begin to yawn
He retreats content to his ivory tower
For soon again will come the hour
To bask in the glory of the nights unlit midst
His quenching weakness nevermore to resist
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I came upon a wagon crumpled and old
The ashen timber was vision to behold
I lingered and pondered, what would he say
of his experiences and his decay
I spoke out loud as if he could hear
What wore you out on the frontier?
With a puff of light the wagon spoke
It’s okay that I am worn and broke
I was startle, as I stepped back
Be not afraid I will not attack
For my bed won’t hold and my wheels won’t turn
Sit and hear my story, there’s something to learn
I grabbed a squat next to him on the grass
He spoke of his life and things that had passed
A contessa in white cotton would harness me
I would shriek with joy I was about to be free
We’d journey to town for supplies by the bunch
We’d have short interlude with a man for lunch
A mad youthful lad would often exploit my use
His lively demeanor helped lead to my abuse
He would hitch me up with haste and raging touch
I knew he would be my demise at the feel of his clutch
He would take me places where jagged rocks would do me harm
His juvenile intentions provoked in me great alarm
As he came of age the visits became few
The male terror was soon out of my view
In twilight once I felt a great heated blaze
Contessa in cotton saved me to my amaze
My shelter was gone nowhere to rest my wheels
I stayed in the elements, and could not appeal
There came a great rumbling as never heard before
It was a contraption with wheels and two doors
Contessa would climb in and take it to the stores
Once in a while she’d take me out to the field
I would bear for her autumn’s hardy yield
But even those visits soon came to an end
Here I stay; here my time I must spend
I will vanish away into the earth
I know I have outlasted my worth
The fact you are still here speaks volumes to me
You have outlasted the best of them I must decree
Dear wagon you give me a glimpse of the past
Your presence makes the long time ago last
A glimmer of light shown before I left on my way
I picked some wild flowers and gave him a bouquet
I gently placed them in his bed
I assured him you’re far from dead
You are here for reasons unknown
Seeing you, I know I have grown
Your wheels may not turn; your bed may not hold
Its okay; I will share your story for it must be told
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Thinking back (emotions)


When I think back in time, what are the things I truly remember?
They are not the things that happened in neutrality.
They are the things that happened in either extreme happiness or sadness…
Loves, joys, pains, and sorrows.
I have been thinking a lot about emotions.
What are they?
How do we process them?
I think they are the energy of our heart.
They are the activity of our brain.
I think most important they are the response of our souls.
The spirit of emotion is the output of our memory
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Goodbye Liquid Friend


I met you while in my innocent youth
I was to young to really know truth
You gave me an amicable smile
You asked me kindly to stay a while
You gently took me by the hand
You said come see the promise land
You promised me things no one had before
When I came you never closed your door
You always agreed with everything I said
Then you began to get into my head
Temping me with things I had never done
Poking me saying come on it will be fun
You seemed like a loyal steadfast friend
When I was with you we did transcend
To places I would not dare go
The courage to never ever say no
So I followed your temping fast pace
You began to lie in the middle of the race
You told me don’t listen to the ones you love
Because me and you will rise above
Do what I say and I will cover your tracks
I will give your soul and body what it lacks
Then crash boom bang I woke up one day
In a strange place not knowing what to say
I was broken sick and a total mess
My life was full of gloom and stress
The ones I loved were worried and scared
I need to leave you they declared
As I looked into their eyes
I knew then you were full of lies
You almost took away my life
In my back you put a knife
Now I am no longer in my youth
And I know you took away my truth
With a slow alluring soft kindly hug
Now I will destroy you, you low down scurvy slug
Toss you out with the smelliest trash
Take my hammer and give you a smash
Till you are as broken as I used to be
You slimy little lying flee
I am in a place called recovery
You scum and low life you can climb a tree
Sit and watch me from afar
See how I glow like a star
Watch and see what I can do
Now that I am rid of you
The ones I love surround me now
They will help keep you away like a smelly cow
I have learned of you and what you’re about
I will be taking the recovery route
So my liquid back stabbing friend
We have defiantly come to an end
There will be no fond good byes
There is no tears in my eyes
Just happiness in bidding you fare well
For all I hope is you burn in hell!!!!
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