Sentences vs. Equations

When it comes to mathematics
I’m such a blunder
If I have no calculator
then I am sure to go under
Juggling those math equations
makes my ego shrink
Geometry, and algebra
are sure to make me sink
Apples and oranges should
never be compared
We’ve all heard
that one
clearly declared
Let us take a number
one we use all the time
compare to a letter
we might use in a rhyme
Look at a 7
it’s really plain to see
That it’s just like an L
how can that be?
I have to ask why
numbers are so hard
When sentences slide out
of me
like they are in lard
Letters and sentences
made me struggle
But math
and equations
I never could juggle.

About kwicksand

Sinking in the quicksand of my thoughts. ~David Bowie
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2 Responses to Sentences vs. Equations

  1. kregianmiral says:

    I feel the same way. I could never fulfill the meaning behind every number I stumble but when it comes to words I never fail nor fumble. I guess words & sentences are my forte rather than to equate something that equals to 40.

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