Geek Are We?

ImageAre we the ones with


I know we are bad

at human relations.

Everyone looks at us

with a strange glare.

If we get friends it’s

a thing that’s rare.

I never figured myself as a geek

and never ever ever a freak

But it seems I might have been

very wrong

I have found I defiantly do 

not belong

I spend my days

alone in my house

Pretending I am normal

quiet as a mouse!



About kwicksand

Sinking in the quicksand of my thoughts. ~David Bowie
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4 Responses to Geek Are We?

  1. boogiestu says:

    How great! makes me smile inside.

  2. Cubby says:

    Geeks rule the world. More power to them. Most people have a little geek in them, whether it’s because they are passionate about a particular hobby or whether they love to talk about politics or think knowing trivia is cool. Until you open your mouth and spew out a bunch of garbledy gook, people will judge you based purely on your appearance. It’s a sad world we live in.

    You may not belong to the jocks in the crowd, but you belong to a more sensitive artistic community who can appreciate the beauty and talents you have to offer. You express yourself very well with your writing and touch a lot of people’s hearts with it.

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