Winter Pines

Winter Pines

Winter-tide comes in with pure white
With early evenings in fading light

The pines thrive from the River Black
They wait for the sun lights slim crack

Frigid wafting winds do come near
As do soft shy brown and white deer

Blue and red fluttering birds come each day
Near to my window as I sit and pray

Crisp crunchy snow and ice under my boot
I head for the tall pine tree on my route

They are a plenty on the Black River’s bank
Just south of my back yard door to Thee I thank

*note* the Black River runs through my back yard and empties into Lake Erie. *This is one of my photo’s I took from last winter*


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Sinking in the quicksand of my thoughts. ~David Bowie
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6 Responses to Winter Pines

  1. Cubby says:

    Love this. Gorgeous imagery. Reowr!

  2. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Seeing pines like that along with your words makes me long for the winter, even though it is very long and just as dark as it is long here in Scandinavia.

    • kwicksand says:

      Well I know here on the coast of Lake Erie in Ohio USA winter is very gray but I would rather be cold than hot like I am now! We can always put clothes on to stay warm… but naked is not with in the law for public viewing. LOL

  3. looks like my winter yard, too, here in NH

    • kwicksand says:

      it is a beautiful place to live. I’d never trade it for any amount of money. Very peaceful and inspiring!

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