Cool Billy Willy

I have a friend named Willy
Though everyone calls him Billy
He loves to eat the ice cream treats
in all kinds of weather
He came to me one day
and said want to go
splurge and have a play?
It happened to be winter
and the air made us all shiver
Billy I ask, don’t tell me
you want to eat a cool treat right now?
 Billy Willy said with a big grin
yes indeed-y I do
and how!
Billy, I said, are you out of
your cotton pickin’ head?
It’s freezing out and I have
a big doubt.
This will not make me
cozy, in fact my cheeks
are already cold and rosy.
Billy Willy began to stomp
and went on a rant and romp
The noise got so darn loud
it began to draw a crowd
So in I did give
I wanted to live.
Off to the parlor we went
I knew I did relent
I order an ice cream treat
with a side of hot chocolate
hidden under my seat!



About kwicksand

Sinking in the quicksand of my thoughts. ~David Bowie
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4 Responses to Cool Billy Willy

  1. Cubby says:

    Billy Willy and I need to have a good long chat…none of this stomping and ranting and romping…he’s got to learn how to use his claws and teeth to get his way quickly. I’m assuming he’s a cat.

  2. mollygreye says:

    This is a super cute poem. You can turn this into an excellent children’s book.

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