Just me

ImageSome people say I look like a gypsy girl

I should just do a dance and give a twirl

I think I am just me and love to be as different as I can

I have never looked to others for an inspiration or plan

I like what I like and I am who I want to be

I just want to be loved for who I am

and that is me!




About kwicksand

Sinking in the quicksand of my thoughts. ~David Bowie
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14 Responses to Just me

  1. Love this photo! I’ll bet we could swap closets and have a blast trading outfits! If we must wear clothes, they might as well be fun clothes, I think!

    Thanks for stopping by Lessons by Heart today! šŸ™‚

    Praising Jesus for His creativity!

  2. Cubby says:

    You are loved for all the zany bits and pieces that make you so wonderful. Reowr!

  3. katriter says:

    Unique is one of my favorite words. You sound wonderful. Don’t change. A Gypsy is a wanderer. My favorite word is imagine… Be yourself. No one can do that as well as you my friend.

  4. helenmidgley says:

    I like me and I also like you šŸ˜‰

  5. kregianmiral says:

    Being yourself is one of the best way to live God’s plan of who you want to be. You can’t put on the shoes of someone else, but you can put on your own shoes & walk your path. Only you can fit your shoes, nobody else. Nice poem! šŸ™‚

  6. emma1951.wordpress.com says:

    I like, very much!

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