Reflections Of the Inevitable

Quick Sand


Echoes of speculation, and imagination ignite
I see an impression of an image in shadowy light
Dwellings of my subconscious come closer to view
I create luminosity in colors of every hue
Curiosity approaches in gold yellow scenes
Destiny comes to mind in vivid blues and greens
Scarlet colors come in to my sight
Love, hate, anger unknown is their plight
Grayness of neutrality stands on the line
Balancing on one foot refusing to define
The loneliness and fear come to me in black
I harbor behind the shadow in their attack
I question the shadow and ask why are you here
Are you foreboding, dread, anxiety and fear?
He looks at me with an amicable smile
His speech is soft and very versatile
I am the inevitable, your reflective light
Embrace, and possess hold unto me tight
For I am the destination of your happenstance
I am theā€¦

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About kwicksand

Sinking in the quicksand of my thoughts. ~David Bowie
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