Selma Snyde

Selma Snyde

I knew a lady named Selma Snyde
a bit nerdy but dressed with pride

She always had her shirt neatly tucked
Hair combed and eyebrows plucked

Selma wanted to work in the business world
So her crafty talents could be unfurled

She could type like a star with an out of ordinary gift
Ms. Snyde would love to work and she’d take any shift

But when sweet little Selma would apply for a job
She would never get a call back then she’d sob

It perplexed her to the e-nth degree
Her pickle with this she didn’t foresee

Now this went on for quite some time
She never gave up this goal was prime

Then one day Selma met a tall nice man
With a patch on his eye; his name was Stan

She bumped into him at the Office supply
There were tears coming down for his one eye

Selma’s heart started to melt like ice in hell
She ask if his troubles he wanted to tell

Well Stan said yes I’d love to have a chat
Let’s get some coffee and he put on his hat

Turns out Stan needed a special talented gal
Who could type and keep up the office moral

Selma smiled, was a big old grin
I’d like to apply for that job therein

Stan hired her on the spot
Ms. Snyde softly said
thanks for the shot

Ten years later they had 2 kids a dog and cat
Business was booming Selma smiled and thought imagine that!


About kwicksand

Sinking in the quicksand of my thoughts. ~David Bowie
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2 Responses to Selma Snyde

  1. Cubby says:

    Lol so cute. I hear autobiographical snippets in there. Love it! 😀

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