The Goofball Gang

The Goofball Gang

When I think back in time when I
was a bit younger
and had more spry

We had a game we used to play
Would take up most every Saturday

We’d get some chalk
~not the colored kind
It might even be drywall~
that was a find

We draw a big square on the street
Divide in fours on cracked concrete

One of the gang
would always have a ball
Was good as
long as it bounced
as I recall

We labeled each of the four squares
With ranking order~
with precise care

King and Queen then Jack and Jester
We’d always say he was the molester

The ball would bounce from square to square
Shouts and grumbles would always be there

That ball was on the line and you cheat
Do it over the play was incomplete

Some of you may recall this game
when outside fun
was as common as the computer
since we all have one

It was called four square
and required very little skill
So the clumsy and week
might have a chance
to make a kill

It may not compete
with today’s Super Bowl
But for this goofball gang
it was our heart and soul

It went on from summer
till the snow covered the ground
The middle of the street
is where we could all be found

Then one day like we all do
The goofball’s grew up
and off we flew

Where they all went
is a mystery to me
I think of them often times
over a cup of tea

Trying to get
in the square of the king
Brings a smile
and makes my heart sing

We were learning
in a goofballs healthy way
persistence and fun
is now part of work and play


About kwicksand

Sinking in the quicksand of my thoughts. ~David Bowie
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