Goodbye Liquid Friend


I met you while in my innocent youth
I was to young to really know truth
You gave me an amicable smile
You asked me kindly to stay a while
You gently took me by the hand
You said come see the promise land
You promised me things no one had before
When I came you never closed your door
You always agreed with everything I said
Then you began to get into my head
Temping me with things I had never done
Poking me saying come on it will be fun
You seemed like a loyal steadfast friend
When I was with you we did transcend
To places I would not dare go
The courage to never ever say no
So I followed your temping fast pace
You began to lie in the middle of the race
You told me don’t listen to the ones you love
Because me and you will rise above
Do what I say and I will cover your tracks
I will give your soul and body what it lacks
Then crash boom bang I woke up one day
In a strange place not knowing what to say
I was broken sick and a total mess
My life was full of gloom and stress
The ones I loved were worried and scared
I need to leave you they declared
As I looked into their eyes
I knew then you were full of lies
You almost took away my life
In my back you put a knife
Now I am no longer in my youth
And I know you took away my truth
With a slow alluring soft kindly hug
Now I will destroy you, you low down scurvy slug
Toss you out with the smelliest trash
Take my hammer and give you a smash
Till you are as broken as I used to be
You slimy little lying flee
I am in a place called recovery
You scum and low life you can climb a tree
Sit and watch me from afar
See how I glow like a star
Watch and see what I can do
Now that I am rid of you
The ones I love surround me now
They will help keep you away like a smelly cow
I have learned of you and what you’re about
I will be taking the recovery route
So my liquid back stabbing friend
We have defiantly come to an end
There will be no fond good byes
There is no tears in my eyes
Just happiness in bidding you fare well
For all I hope is you burn in hell!!!!

About kwicksand

Sinking in the quicksand of my thoughts. ~David Bowie
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