Good bye reprise

I never gave you the credit you deserved

You are powerful, full of evil and nerve.

You show up at my weakest moment

You are a very cunning opponent

You are the lowest kind of entity

You want to take away my identity

Showing up in my time of grief

Stealing my sobriety like a thief

You come and go as you please

You horrible destructive disease

I am in a battle for my life and sanity

You are corrupt and full profanity

The monkey on my back for way to long

You sneak in my head, and then you change my song

From a happy loving positive tune

Making me sing like a stumbling buffoon

You know that keeps my loved ones away

With an unkindly smirk you tell me I’ll stay

I can help you sleep at night

I can take away your fright

Sooth your feelings of being sad

Make you feel happy when you are mad

I will always be with you in thick and thin

It’s my turn now to knock off that grin

You may be strong and love to fight

But the love of God shines oh so bright

I am keeping His love in my heart and soul

Keeping you away is my ultimate goal

Prayer is something that you hate

I pray your presence will deflate

Into a slimy ball of mush

A black ooze of icky slush

I’m taking you in my hands

Throwing you to the under lands

Eternally to the hot abyss

You will melt with a hiss

I never want you to come back

If you do I will attack

I will use love and prayer and God

He knows you are a deadly fraud

I want my life more than you

No more of my spirit will you accrue

For peace and love do I long

That will be my swan song


About kwicksand

Sinking in the quicksand of my thoughts. ~David Bowie
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